Never go back

Na ? (≧o≦)
Ayo folks . I'm here again . Lmao but this time it wasn't because of me get jailed but bored instead hahahahaha let's laugh .  Ykno whut lately i've beeeeen so active on twitter ((like i always did)) Just because of dis gurl named Hana . Idk why but i feels like she is a nice friend ykno . I don't have so many internet friends or in malay it's called kawan alam maya . Idek how i met her lol it's just so fast like we become close so easily well ykno me right i'm an easy going person loves to tegur people all the time .

We start our first conversation when i tweet bout this bap stuff  . As she loves bap so much so she replied my tweet and spazzing bout them . We start to ask each other's name age and where are we from lmao that's sounds weird . She's from Kedah . We owned a same age . Then we start to merepek and stuff ykno me right hahahahahaha she starts to call me her girlfriend lol at first i was like ew please no i;m straight ok who do ythink i am then i think bout it . It's not that bad ykno . What i mean was girl friend = kawan perempuan . It's not like it's so good being ghei lmao no it's not what i mean . Gah you guys will nevar understand .

Le new bias ((He's married ; n ;))
Lol i'm here not because of her okay i want to spazzzzzz about my  bbs here dsijbvckbvidsvbfbfikfbisuebfiu ykno what they've comebaek . I'm happy ~ Their title track was miss right oh god that  la la la la la  la la la la la la la is killen maeh fuck you chunji anyway changjO has so many parts in every songs ;;;; I'm glad but where's ricky's? Tab media answer me ppalli . But i am so happy to hear his voice in missing you ;;; His voice is so adorable ; n ; feels like a dying whales here lmao ((what's the kaitan???)) But there's some people said that tintap copied  shinee oh god can i laugh ?

They said that they copied shinee when they're performing using the mic stands . Lol seriously ? Ythink dancing using mic stands as a prop is new ? You are so lame dude . Have you heard their song yet titled crazy ? Better wtch le R&B version . They've used it since then okay ? So , if any other artistes dancing with mic stands you'll say that they are copying shinee ? Hahahahahah ya guys are so lame tbh tbvh tbvvvvvh .

And have ya guys heard le audio of wolf by exo that been leaked on youtube ? Hahahahahah they have that awoooooo part right ? Can i say that they are copying tin tap ? You mad right ? It's mad us too ykno . So respect others fandom lah . If you do so we'll do da same . Arasso ? No fanwar please , bbuing bbuing .

That's all from me . Next weeeeek exam . Odg i am so dead . Science's paper include form 1's lessson fuck i am so so so dead

The rumours were all a lie . I feel so stupid for believes in that :((